About Manhattan Bagel & Coffee


We offer the best Bagels & Coffee in a friendly and calm atmosphere.

Our café intends to be a popular hangout for locals, and we want to be a trend-setter of how welcoming a café ought to be, continually trying experimenting with ingredients and culinary methods. Yet we always keep faithful to our philosophy—deliver coffee and cuisine that makes you happy, with a service that makes you smile.

We bring to you, Lavazza Coffees. The Italians love their Lavazza coffee. The Lavazza family has spent over 120 years perfecting their blends of coffee beans from throughout the world, spanning four generations.

For us, the mouthfeel is the most important factor for us when selecting a cup. What is most important to you? Is there anything that you are looking for in coffee taste and varieties? Send us your suggestions here.

Check out our homemade desserts and ice creams and pressed sandwiches. We promise to constantly evolve, innovate, and provide you with an informal sitting environment and staff. Find your zen corner and feel inspired.

"After my second cup of coffee, I always feel extremely creative, as if I could write a Pulitzer prize novel." — Sylvia Plath, 8/12/55

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